Monday, November 23, 2009

Traffic Light Meditation

We are offered many opportunities during our day to stop and be present with life as it is being lived. One of my favorite times has become waiting at stop lights. The signal is literally an order to stop. Yet, until fairly recently, I never took advantage of this chance to rest.

When you have to stop at a light, take your hands off the wheel and let them rest in your lap, and allow your shoulders to release their tension. This will seem strange at first, and you may become acutely aware of just how vigilant we remain at these times.

Keep the eyes open, and feel yourself sitting in the driver's seat of your car. Notice how your energy level is in that moment, and check in with the state of your emotions.

Now come to the feeling of the body breathing in and out a few times. This will complete the connection to the present moment.

If you still have a moment or two before the light turns green, look around you and see where you are with mindful awareness. See the foliage, the sky, the birds, the mountains, or whatever is around you in that moment.

When the light changes, mindfully replace your hands on the steering wheel and continue on your way.

You may find that this kind of brief connection to the present moment can really be a refreshing moment of rest in your busy day.


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