Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Deepening the Wonder

A dear friend of Kathy's died yesterday after a long illness. With Kathy away at a conference in Seattle, this news has brought up some difficult feelings for both of us. Someday, we too may be separated from each other, not just for a few days or a few hundred miles, but forever. 

The sweet ache that this realization produces is the stuff of poetry, so I will offer one of my favorites, "Deepening The Wonder," by Hafiz.

Death is a favor to us,
But our scales have lost their balance.
The impermanence of the body
Should give us great clarity,
Deepening the wonder in our senses and eyes
Of the mysterious existence we share
And are surely just traveling through.
If I were in the Tavern tonight,
Hafiz would call for drinks
And as the Master poured, I would be reminded
That all I know of life and myself is that
We are just a midair flight of golden wine
Between His pitcher and His cup.
If I were in the Tavern tonight,
I would buy freely for everyone in this world
Because our marriage with the Cruel Beauty
Of time and space cannot endure very long.
Death is a favor to us,
But our minds have lost their balance.
The miraculous existence and impermanence of Form
Always makes the illumined ones
Laugh and Sing.

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  1. That is beautiful, Roger! Thank you for sharing.