Friday, August 6, 2010

Mindfulness Is...

By Donald Fleck

Mindfulness is

Noticing the sound of a bird's song,
Feeling my feet upon the earth
And a breeze upon my face.

Mindfulness is smelling a dandelion
While noticing the mud ooze between my toes.

Mindfulness is waking in the dark, not knowing where I am... and smiling.

Mindfulness is thinking of the past, and noticing.
Thinking of the future, and knowing I am doing it,
Being in the present, inhabiting it... right now.

Mindfulness is everything that I'm aware of, with intention to notice.

Mindfulness is taking a step back and noticing life with awareness.
Mindfulness is jumping into the fullness of life.
Mindfulness is knowing that my joy and pain are interrelated with that of all other beings.
That my progress is good for all beings.
That my compassion can extend to all beings, even to myself.
Mindfulness is knowing life... and illness... old age... death... and suffering... and still intending to take the next right action.

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  1. Hi Roger, so nice to find your blog, so much wisdom to share. Maybe this is your mindsight? I am happy you enjoyed my thoughts on mindfulness. I will keep reading your inspirations, and list you on my blog also. For now, Donald