Friday, April 2, 2010

Defeating The Self-Defeating Mind

I have a friend whose main desire in life is to become a successful screenwriter and director. One day, while the subject was in play, she casually remarked that she would like to be nominated for an Academy Award, and then not accept it. I mentioned to her that she hadn't even written the screenplay yet, and she was already turning down the Oscar!

This is a repeating pattern in many of our lives. Our deepest desires never see the light of day because of a mind that creates fantastic scenarios of how the future destination will look before we even begin to embark upon the journey. What's worse, we often believe these flights of fancy as being true. That's when we get stuck between having dreams and desires, and seeing them manifest.

When you notice the mind telling these kinds of tales about a future that hasn't happened yet, see if you can acknowledge that this is simply a thought, and neither a fact, nor the truth. Then turn you attention to what needs to be done in that moment to begin moving toward your goal. Keep you attention in the present moment, and when the mind skips ahead to not accepting your own statuette, remember that this is a thought, not a fact, and turn your attention back to what needs doing in that moment.

Little by little, your dreams and desires will take form and, when the season is right, they will bear fruit.


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