Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dharma In Daily Life

We shouldn't feel that Dharma occurs only when we sit down and meditate. Dharma should be present with us all the time. Dharma should be practiced in everything we do and at all times and used in all our actions. Of course, at the moment we can't act like Milarepa and the Buddha, but at least we can try to be responsible for our own mind. We must try our best not to let the negative mental states develop. We must try to feel more compassion and to develop more bodhichitta [the enlightened mind]. Although we can't do this immediately, at least we can do whatever we can by doing it every day, again and again. ~ Trangu Rinpoche, from The Middle Way Meditation.

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  1. I needed this as I end a day when I never got to the bench but did try to be mindful - at least once in a while