Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two Boats and a Helicopter

During a torrential rainstorm, a man is sitting on his front porch as flood waters begin to rise. A woman floats by in a boat, asking if the man needs help. "No, thank you," says the man, "I'm trusting in the Lord." The water rises higher, sending the man upstairs. Pretty soon, a raft full of people floats by his second story window. "Get in," they say, "there's plenty of room." "No thanks," says the man, "I'm trusting in the Lord." The water keeps rising, pushing the man up onto the roof. A helicopter swoops in and hovers overhead, lowering its ladder for the man. "Thanks anyway," shouts the man, "I'm trusting in the Lord." Finally, the man is swept away in the torrent and drowns. At the gates of Heaven, the man says to God, "I put all my trust in you and you let me drown. Why didn't you save me?" "What are you talking about?'' replies God, "I sent you two boats and a helicopter!"


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