Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arising, Abiding, and Subsiding

The practice of vipassana serves as an observation post for noticing the arising, abiding, and subsiding of all phenomena. The sensations in the body arise, abide, and subside on their own, coming and going as they will, and are simply events that arise out of stillness, and then go back into stillness. The breath follows the same pattern, as do all other sense objects, including sounds, thoughts, and emotions.

So we just sit with these events, noting their presence, and allowing them to take their course. What we realize from this kind of practice is that we don't need to cling to any of these experiences, nor do we need to try to stop any of them from taking place; they will all simply pass through in time.

Not needing to cling to or push away these events helps us in daily life to "be with" the difficult situations that present themselves, and also helps us see how to hold the pleasant situations in a way that does not lead to so much suffering.


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