Monday, July 5, 2010

Holidays and Friends

For me, one of the nicest dividends about being present is when I am with my friends and family on holidays. I find that I really appreciate the experience of our love and camaraderie while it is happening, and this adds to the sweetness of the moment. 

Yesterday was Independence Day, and after hosting an open house from about 2:00 until fireworks time, Kathy and I were pretty tired today, but neither of us had to go into work. We spent most of the day with our dear friends, Tom and Jill who were visiting from Mill Valley, California, and New York City, respectively.

We took time for a leisurely lunch, that included some leftovers from yesterday's party, and just talked about our lives, our work, and various dimensions of Buddha Dharma, including attachment, aversion, and the Parable of the Second Arrow. I found myself feeling at peace and ease, and it was a lovely afternoon.

Now, of course, I must release attachment to them both as Tom drives back up north and Jill catches a plane back east. The pleasantness, lightness, and contentment continues on, however. And the backyard and the kitchen all got cleaned up without much trouble. What a glorious little holiday.


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